The ‘Redefining Wealth’ Webinar Series

Business | 05/18/2020

The ‘Redefining Wealth’ Webinar Series

Join us on Zoom every Friday from 22nd May at 10am (for 40 minutes weekly) for our 12-part ‘Redefining Wealth’ webinar series {click here to sign up}

We find ourselves launching our campaign for ‘Redefining Wealth’ in uncertain times for the global economy. We’ve been working closely with our clients as the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, building financial resiliency and protecting their wealth. We’ve been listening and observing, using our understanding of the major concerns and pressures to draw together content for a webinar series to support our clients through this difficult time.   

We will exploring the current recession, economy and the markets and providing expert insights into protecting and grow your wealth in the current pandemic.

Times of financial crisis can lead to new, fruitful opportunities – with the right outlook, and the right advice. We’re witnessing now more than ever the value of taking a high-level, holistic look at your meaningful goals for life – and having a plan in place that is going to protect you, your assets, and your family.

We’re hosting a 12-part webinar series to resource our client community with the knowledge, perspectives and considerations that are going to be most useful to them as we enter a recession. Our advisory team is on hand to share what we know and support our community to make proactive, bold decisions in a rapidly shifting financial landscape – and we’ll be opening up expansive, thought-provoking talks on ‘redefining wealth’ to stimulate clarity, motivation, and a sense of renewed purpose and confidence.

Our first three webinars cover the cornerstones of our wealth management belief system – from managing your finances according to what truly matters to you in life, to finding your way through the market during recession, to the critical importance of having a strategic, adaptive plan during times of financial crisis.

From there we’ll be taking a deeper dive into the topics our client base is keen to hear from us about right now. We’ll be offering well-rounded, specific advice on what to do, and how to manage your way through this L-shaped recession. We are advising our clients to be ready to drive growth from September 2021 – now is the time to expand your toolkit, make some tough decisions and put a plan in place to support your next steps.

We have some reassuring case studies and inspiring concepts to share that should help you move past panic, and get into a place of decisive action. We’ll be taking an analytical look at our world post-COVID – and looking at recession cycles from history to imagine how and when the markets will recover.

Most importantly (from the Pinnacle perspective), our webinars will explore what wealth really means to us, and how we can financially plan in a way that creates the lives and the circumstances we truly desire. Market changes and catastrophic global events happen from time to time – that’s the nature of existence. But what we want to see more of in the wealth management community is individuals using this time to deeply examine their goals and their desires for the future – and make full use of the strategies and tools that are out there to achieve them, even in a recession. It could perhaps be easy to return to life on autopilot when the disruption of the pandemic is over – although this is a notable opportunity for many to hit the reset button and start working towards a life they really want.

The first webinar in our series is essential viewing for anyone seeking to make dynamic, meaningful changes to their wealth management strategies post-COVID. We’ll be exploring our commitment to ‘Redefining Wealth’, and breaking down the five pillars of wealth that will determine our way forward through the recession.

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