Our approach to financial planning

Traditional wealth management often focuses purely on your financial goals, without understanding the bigger picture of what wealth truly means to you. We specialise in helping individuals, business owners and corporations to explore and redefine wealth, so we can develop financial strategies to achieve what is most important to you, your business and your people.

Helping you: LifePlan

Our experts spend time exploring your goals and aspirations through the Pinnacle LifePlan, setting out a clear path to enable you to achieve them.

Typically, a LifePlan spans 50 years and incorporates a number of financial, legacy and protection strategies to help see clearly and then achieve your long-term vision.

Invest in you

Each plan details tailored financial strategies designed to meet a client’s goals at different stages of their life, ranging from the needs of having a young family through to those enjoying financial freedom in retirement.

Create your legacy

What does legacy truly mean to you?
When we explore this with our clients, they tell us about their hopes and aspirations for themselves and future generations. Many people consider leaving a lasting legacy for their family, some for their business and some for a charity through philanthropic giving.
We help you to develop your plans for giving while you are here and after you are gone, meaning the mark you leave in life is on your terms.

Protect yourself

Peace of mind comes from knowing that you and your loved ones will be looked after, whatever happens. As part of your Pinnacle LifePlan, we review then protect your finances against unexpected events that could have a detrimental effect on your family’s future and legacy.


Helping your business: LifePlan+

Our LifePlan+ is for business owners who want to align their personal goals and aspirations with the vision for their business. It includes strategies to grow and protect an enterprise, and stakeholders exit on their own terms*.

Invest in your business

It is often the case that entrepreneurs fail to realise the true value of their company. We work closely with businesses to develop the right financial and growth strategies to help the individual and the business achieve their full potential.

Create your business legacy

What legacy will you leave from exiting* your business?
Our clients often tell us that how they exit their business is as important as building it.
Having a plan in place early on is crucial to preserve the legacy of a business, making sure it continues in the way you would want it to; and ensure your personal vision aligns with the organisation.

Protect your business

In addition to their individual needs, business owners also face the need to protect what is often their biggest financial asset; the company itself. Many businesses are damaged by events that occur through no fault of their own, for instance, losing a key person to injury or illness, or worse.
We take time to explore a business, and identify where the real risks exist. Then we develop the right plan to protect the organisation from all eventualities.

We work in conjunction with an extensive network of external growth advisers and SME specialists, such as Elephants Child, who have been carefully selected by St. James’s Place. The services provided by these specialists are separate and distinct to the services carried out by St. James’s Place and include advice on how to grow your business and prepare your business for sale.

*Exit strategies may involve the referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place.


Helping your people: Wheel of Wealth initiative

Your people are your business. As an employer, you are in a unique position to help ease pressure felt by employees and create a sense of financial wellbeing for them via our Wheel of Wealth initiative.

The programme has been designed to help staff establish true life goals; reduce undue stress by increasing financial literacy; and then implement a financial plan to achieve them. The package caters for all employees and shareholders and is tailored to an individual’s position within the company and salary bracket.

Following attendance on the Wheel of Wealth programme if your employee would like a 121 with a financial adviser this will be by way of an introduction from Wheel of Wealth to Pinnacle Wealth Management LLP.

Wheel of Wealth is a separate and distinct company to Pinnacle Wealth Management LLP and does not work in partnership with St. James’s Place Wealth Management.


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